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Ice Maker Repair


Microwave Repair

Appliances such as ice makers and microwave ovens are bound to develop some problems after some period of use. The failure could be mechanical or due to faults in the appliances’ electronic components or electrical system. Regardless of the type of problem that you may encounter as you use your appliance, you should have the equipment repaired as soon as you realize that it is faulty. Prompt action can help you save the appliance from further damage. Also, by repairing your appliances as soon as you realize that they have broken down or are not working properly, you avoid injuries that could result from using faulty equipment.

If you reside in East Providence, RI or any of the adjacent locations, finding a professional appliance repair service provider should not be a problem. This is because you can have any of your appliances repaired at Instant Appliance Repair. We are a company that repairs all the different kinds of appliances that people use at home and in the office. Some of the services that we provide include ice maker repair, washing machine repair, microwave repair, and refrigerator cleaning and maintenance.

You can depend on our services because we are committed to providing excellent services at affordable prices. To provide services of the best quality, we have employed individuals who have received adequate training in appliance installation, maintenance, and repair. We also work very closely with our clients in order to understand their needs and provide services that meet their expectations. As well, we take our customers’ feedback and use the information that we get to constantly improve the services that we provide. 

We would like to hear from you if you require ice maker repair or microwave repair services. Contact us if you are in East Providence or any other nearby place such as Smithfield or Cranston.

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